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【SEAN MUNDY x IMPLY Selected Works Exhibition】

3-24 July, 2020 與 Sean Mundy 合作的特選攝影作品展覽是首次由 IMPLY 策劃及呈獻的展覽。自從去年發佈分享過他的攝影作品,深受所創造的畫面意識形態吸引,透過専業後期數碼操作構建成每幀極具概念性的作品。

經歷自我審視與身份迷思,Sean 構建出嚴肅中立,卻緊繃而充滿不確定性的場景。旨在以一種微妙的極簡法來進行破壞創作,挑選與刪減傳統的敘事公式,塑造全憑觀看者主觀聯想的畫面。


The exhibition of Canadian photographic artist Sean Mundy is the first exhibition IMPLY has organized and hosted. The ideology from his conceptual imagery photography has captivated us ever since we shared his work last year. 

Working through self-doubt and questions of identity, Sean constructs austere, yet neutral and distant scenes of palpable tension and uncertainty. With a subtle, minimal approach he aims to disrupt, select from, and delete classical narrative formulas to form scenarios that are reliant on subjective associations.

With his meticulously constructed, photographed, and digitally manipulated images, he combines visual vocabulary from iconography, symbolism, and the surreal to present moments of dissonance between the individual, separate states of self, and collective systems. Using human form as a stand in for emotion, psychology, and physicality, the specific subjects are rendered subservient to the conflicts arising in the works.






Art Direction - Luke Chan

Photography - Karlson Tsang

Photography Assistant - Orwell Cheng

Styling - Lin Beer / 123

Model - Luke Chan / Sabrina Cheung 

Makeup & Hair - Deep Choi 

Videography - Willis Wong