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IMPLY hints unspoken concepts associated with certain objects and thus brings to audience the connotation; it is often related to another word ‘represent’ as in how ’empty’ is paired with ‘nothing’. 

Every piece of our work never arrives at you without a proper and carefully-constructed notion, dedicated to resemble works of fine art. 

We advocates minimalism, geometric art and architecture, in the meantime redefines the dimension of black and white. From garments to accessories of high quality and simplicity, we devote to deliver a timeless and balanced philosophy in relation to aesthetics for all walks of life.

Established in Hong Kong, September 2015.


Everyone in here could obtain something, physically or mentally. IMPLY Official not only provides designer brands of Taiwan and Greece, but includes shoes from Hong Kong Placebo store and independent tattoos Inks come skin.

There are too many things happening, too many ideas popping up! We hope to build a larger display sharing platform here.